Useful video resources to help your business grow

    1. What is Google Adwords?

    Google Adwords allows you to advertise your company at the top of Google search results by choosing key words which are most relevant to your business. Pay Per Click (PPC) is a very effective way to reach those who are searching for your products and services.

    You can set a daily budget, manage when you want your ads to appear, the location they appear and you can turn off your campaign at any time with no risk or commitment.

    2. Google Adwords - The basics of setting up an account

    This video shows you how to set up a Google Adwords account for yourself. Manage your ads, manage your the regions you wish to advertise and the times you want your ad to appear. You can manage your budget and turn the ads on and off at any time - NO risk and no contracts to tie you in.

    If you have a free voucher code, watch towards the end of the video in the billing part and it will show you where you can add the code to receive a free credit.

    Need a FREE £100 Adwords Voucher?

    Send us an email with your details including your name, company name, email address, website details (if you have one) and your telephone number to: and we will send you a £100 voucher (for new Adwords accounts only)..

    Setup your Google Adwords account and attract new customers. You can do it yourself or if you are unsure then Website4you can set up the account for you for a small fee. Email: to find out more.

    3. Google Analytics - The What, The Why, The How

    Learn how Google Analytics can help you understand how your customers find, use, and interact with your website. Find out what Google Analytics is and how it can help you be successful online.

    4. Local - The What, The Why, The How

    Learn how to use online marketing and find new ways to attract local customers online.

    5. Google Apps for Business

    Find out what it means to 'work in the cloud' and how online tools can help you grow and promote your business more effectively. Learn about Google Apps for business, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, Google Sites and Google Video.

    6. Why does being online matter?

    Building an online presence is critical for growing your business. Learn how the Internet can help you connect with potential customers and get your business up and running on the web using e-commerce sites, review sites and social networks.